Shauna Foley

I’m a Premium WordPress Website Developer based in Cork, Ireland. I work with Business Owners worldwide to elevate their online presence. 

Since I started my business in 2022 I have witnessed a lot of lazy website development and I have had clients come to me describing their poor past experiences with website developers. 

Part of my process when I work with you is making sure I understand your biggest challenges so I can take them off of your plate through building your website.

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Your Website Should Work For You

Having a website shouldn’t be something that creates more work for you – it should help with the running of your business and with the right functionality and automations it can do exactly that!

Here are some tasks that you are doing manually that your website could be helping you with:

  • Taking bookings
  • Taking product orders
  • Answering FAQs
  • Responding to enquiries 
  • Tracking metrics
  • Directing people to your products or services
  • Guiding customers to the checkout

If you want a website that attracts customers and takes care of the tedious tasks for you – let’s talk!

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